Streamline Your Global Payments with Batch Transfers

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Aaron Oh
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April 22, 2024

Unlock Seamless Payment Solutions for Your Business

Managing international payments across diverse teams, contractors, and suppliers can be a real headache. As businesses expand, finance teams face mounting pressure to execute numerous payments accurately and efficiently.

Experience Effortless Payment Efficiency

Simplify your payments with Batch transfers. Bid farewell to manual data entry and repetitive tasks. Now, effortlessly process up to 1000 payments in one go via a single CSV upload. Save time, reduce errors, and streamline your payouts process.

How does it work?

With batch transfers, you can easily initiate hundreds of payments via a single CSV upload. Simply provide payment details for payouts via our csv template provided. 

For international transfers, you’ll be able to leverage Aspire’s competitiveFX rates and transparent fees. Aspire also automatically calculates payment amounts in local or recipient currencies, simplifying currency conversions. You’ll be able to choose between fixing either the  "Source amount " or "Destination amount" in case there are any changes in the exchange rate before approval. Specify the amount for your recipient, and Aspire handles the rest, deducting fees from your balance so your recipient gets the full amount in their local currency.

Multi-layer approval flows are also enforced for added security, ensuring every payment undergoes thorough review before processing. 

You can make batch transfers for the following: 

  • SGD Account: SGD (Other currencies coming soon)
  • IDR Account: IDR (Other currencies coming soon)

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Common use cases

  • Payroll: Effortlessly manage payroll for remote teams with bulk payments, ensuring timely disbursement to employees. Export CSV easily from your payroll software and upload into Aspire using our template.
  • Marketplace Disbursement: Seamlessly disburse rewards and payments to merchants on your marketplace or platform
  • Vendor payments: Say goodbye to late vendor payments and improve your relationship with suppliers

Whether you're handling payroll for remote teams or making payments to vendors around the world, batch transfers are here to transform your payment procedures. With this streamlined payment solution, you'll experience faster disbursements and improved payment accuracy while saving on costs.

If you’re looking for a business account that simplifies your business finances, reduces fees, and makes your life easier, sign up for your free business account today.

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