Save Trees, Not Receipts

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November 27, 2023
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Daniel Ling
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Save Trees, Not Receipts
Fight global warming by ditching paper receipts. Discover how Aspire's eco-friendly expense management platform saves trees and time.
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Global warming is real, and it affects everyone. No matter where you are in the world, we’ve all felt its impact — whether warmer or cooler, drier or wetter.

Trees reduce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which helps fight global warming.  Unfortunately, using paper receipts kills millions of trees annually around the world. In the United States alone, paper receipts consume more than 3.68 million trees and over 10 billion gallons of water each year, according to Green America.   

Do we still need paper receipts in today’s digital-first world? Paper receipts are easily crumpled, torn, or misplaced, and they also become illegible over a short period of time. Paper receipts are mostly unnecessary  as many businesses also keep a digital copy of your orders and receipts, and corporate cards similarly have digital records of all transactions.  

In business, receipts are used for claiming reimbursement of work-related expenses, such as travel and entertainment costs. Since spending on your personal card is separate from your company’s claims process, if you charge a meal on your personal card, it’s customary to scan the receipt and submit it with your expense report. When multiple employees incur different business expenses, this quickly becomes tedious and time-consuming.

A Better Expense Receipt Process for a Greener World

Fortunately, our eco-friendly solution is faster, saves employees’ time, and reduces the need for paper receipts. Aspire’s corporate card & expense management platform combines the visibility of card spend directly with expense claim management.  

Your business can streamline claims processes by going fully digital, while gaining 360 degree visibility and control over your budgets. You can even close your books 2x faster.  Learn more here.

Save the trees for our next generation, go fully digital with expense claims and say goodbye to paper receipts.  

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