Reimburse expenses before it’s too late

Written by
Daniel Ling
Last Modified on
April 22, 2024

Expense reports are a universal pain point. There are many reasons why expense reports provoke such strong, visceral responses from people. 

Whether it’s someone in finance… 

Or employees submitting the expenses…

Consider this: awful expense claim software, collating paper receipts, manual transaction entry and categorization, legacy claim processes that only reimburse you long after you’ve paid the bill, which affect your personal cash flow. The never-ending list of reasons make expense reporting one of the most dreaded activities for employees.

But, good news — it doesn’t have to be this way. 

There’s a better, faster way that reduces employees’ time spent and paper receipts. Aspire’s corporate card & expense management platform combines real-time visibility of card spend directly with expense claim management.  

Your business can simplify expense claims for employees while maintaining full control of budgeting and expenses, and even benefit from accelerating financial accounting by up to 2X. 

Learn more about Aspire’s expense management solution here.

Don’t make employees fund your business expenses

Reimburse your employee expenses before it’s too late. Upgrade to a fully digital corporate card and expense management platform today.  

If your company has existing expense reimbursement policies and processes that can’t be replaced with a simplified solution like Aspire’s, don’t worry. You can still improve the experience and reimburse your employees on time with a virtual card wallet solution.  

Want to see a demo? Reach out to us here.

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