Reimagine Corporate Expenses with Cards — Now For the Whole Team

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Marissa Saini
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December 19, 2023

Every business owner knows that as you scale, managing expenses can turn out to be a messy and cumbersome process that requires time, process, and lots of manual work—all for not much added value.

As one of our most requested features, the Aspire Team has reimagined the entire expense management process and are excited to introduce Aspire virtual corporate cards—now for the whole team! This feature is powered by our newest Card-only access role.

How does it work, and what's in it for you?

1. Empower your team with their own Aspire corporate cards

💳 One card per team member, or more

Trusted team members can be invited and issued with their own Aspire corporate card to make payments on the company’s behalf. With the unique Card-only access role, teams can say goodbye to sharing company cards and hello to faster transactions. This also addresses our personal pet peeve: the cumbersome process of seeking OTP approvals that expire in minutes.

With designated cards, team members no longer have to fork out out-of-pocket expenses for the company beforehand and can finally skip the entire reimbursement process altogether. This creates a more streamlined process for your company finances and empowers your team at the same time.

⛔ The right level of access

With the Card-only role, team members won’t be able to view your company’s account balance or transaction history, nor can they make any transfers. They would only be able to see their own card budget balance.

Pro Tip: You can issue unlimited Aspire corporate cards for FREE.

🔒 Safe and secure

To safeguard the integrity of your Aspire corporate cards, every invited team member will have to go through Aspire onboarding procedures before being issued an Aspire corporate card.

Every Aspire account is also protected by a multi-level validation protocol to ensure a high level of account security. Users are required to enter a user PIN or perform a biometric verification to access an account, followed by entering a One-Time Pin (OTP) code to access the card details. These measures are essential in preventing any misuse of your Aspire corporate cards.

2. Stay in control with company expenses

📝 Issue and set card budgets to control spending

Admin users can issue cards to team members instantly, at any time. You’ll also have the added convenience of being able to name the card for easy referencing - e.g. “Pantry Card”, or “John’s Entertainment Card”.

Admins will also have the ability to cancel, freeze, and set spending limits anytime. Spending limits are a monthly budget per card to ensure that spend does not go beyond the limit set. In the past, this would be a HR policy you’d have to hope was adhered to. Now you know it’ll be enforced. Need more budget? Simply increase the spending limit.

🔎 Real-time visibility helps with planning

No more month-end expense report shocks when you have real-time visibility on team spending. Admins can have a bird eye’s view of your monthly cards expenses, which can help with planning.

3. Save time and paperwork on claims processing

📥 Say goodbye to paper expensing

Users have the ability to upload expense receipts through our mobile app, and match it to their card expenses. Rather than wasting time collecting paper receipts, manual data entry, and claims processing, you now have a streamlined process that takes care of the manual work so you can put those precious hours into growing your business instead.

📌 It all syncs to your accounting software

The best part is that everything syncs to your accounting software that’s integrated with your Aspire account. Aspire supports direct integrations with Xero, Quickbooks, and more. No more double entries!

Ready to get started? Here's how

As an Admin, here’s how you can start issuing Aspire corporate cards in a few simple steps:

For team members already on Aspire:

  1. Click on "Cards" to access your company cards page
  2. Click on the "+ New card" button to initiate card creation
  3. Select the user that you would like to create a card for and complete the required fields
  4. Card is created immediately

For team members without an existing Aspire account, Admins can now invite new team members and grant them the Card-only access role. Find out how to invite a user with a Card-only role here and issue cards during the invitation flow.

Get it free today!

Expense management for businesses should have always been this simple. When you open an account with us today, you can enjoy features just like this and more. All it takes is five minutes.

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