Maybank Platinum Business Card: Fees and Benefits

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Marissa Saini
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January 22, 2024

Maybank might be a lesser used bank in Singapore compared to local banks, but that doesn’t mean it loses out in the business card department. With over 2,400 offices in 20 countries, Maybank has the global network that local banks might not.

At the moment there’s one Maybank corporate card that is up for grabs: The Maybank Business Platinum Mastercard.

What does Maybank Platinum Business Card offer?

1. Maybank Corporate Card Fees

Annual fees for the Maybank Platinum Business Card are S$180. This fee is waived for the first two years. Foreign currency transaction fees are pegged at up to 1.5%, which is pretty good for a large bank.

The Maybank Platinum Business Card comes with a low interest rate of 20% per annum, along with a 51 day interest free credit on purchases. That means if you’ll have peace of mind when dealing with bulk orders!

A minimum monthly repayment of 5% of the outstanding balance, or $100 is required depending on whichever is higher.

However, do note that a late payment charge of 5% the minimum monthly repayment will be charged. This comes into play if you are unable to make the monthly repayment by the due date.

2. Maybank Corporate Card Benefits

Now what you’re all here for: the benefits. Maybank Business Platinum Card holders are entitled to complimentary travel insurance, worldwide withdrawal services, and global concierge services.

On top of that, being a Maybank Business Platinum Card holder also gains you access into their TREATS rewards service. Every dollar spent is equivalent to 1 TREATS points, which can be exchanged for cash credits, air miles, and dining discounts.

As a corporate card holder, you’d definitely want to know how Maybank can help you streamline your business processes.

Well, as a cardowner, you’ll receive details on expenses charged to all company-issued Maybank Business Platinum Cards. That allows you to  track your employees’ spending and business expenses, for more efficient tax and accounts reporting.

Do you dread doing the monthly bills? All Maybank corporate card holders are eligible for this, which automates your recurring bill payments. With Maybank’s Auto PayBills Programme, you’ll never have to fuss over bill payments again.

Need more corporate card options?

Choosing a corporate card is important for any business, but especially so for an SME. You’d definitely want a card that gives you the most rewards, for the lowest price.

We’ll if you’re an SME doubling down on marketing campaigns and digital spend, here’s the best corporate card for you to build your brand.

The Aspire Corporate Card is a virtual debit card that offers 1% cashback on online marketing and Saas spend on over 10 different merchants. If you’re constantly ramping up marketing efforts on Facebook and Google, Aspire is a great way to save costs.

Here’s a table comparing the Aspire Corporate Card with the Maybank Business Platinum Mastercard:

Save on application and annual fees with Aspire!

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