How to Prepare for 11.11: Tips from Former Lazada Executives

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December 19, 2023

The largest shopping day in the world aka 11 Nov Singles Day is near and lucky for you, because here is how to prepare for 11.11 - as shared from seasoned Lazada Executives. In 2018, Alibaba alone generated revenue of $30.8 billion in sales during the 11.11 Singles Day Sale in a single day. As for this year, Alibaba wants to bring it internationally. So, you can expect it to be bigger!

@AlibabaGroup prepare for 11.11

The big day is near and we have gathered tips and tricks on how you can make the most of the event from our two seasoned Lazada Executives:

Andrea Baronchelli shares about how to prepare for 11.11 Singles Day
Daniel Vanegas shares about how to prepare for 11.11 Singles Day

So, ready to hear what our professionals have to share about what and how to prepare for 11.11 Single's Day?

What is 11.11 Singles Day for Lazada?

"11.11 is the biggest shopping day of the year for Lazada" - Daniel Vanegas

It might change from year to year but usually is expected to see up to 10x the volumes compared to an average day. This day is so important for Lazada that some teams start working on this project up to 10-12 months in advance. The marketing and advertising of this campaign usually start 1 month before the big day.

11.11 singles day mark the start of Lazada's online revolution

What and how to prepare for 11.11?

1. Deals

Identify your killer product, and give it a good deal. Submit it for the flash deal for your shop to gain visibility.

"Think strategically - what is the must-buy deal?" - Andrea Baronchelli & Daniel Vanegas
Registered products for flash deal for 11.11 singles day

Prepare in advance your best deals to be released during the d-day. Strategically think about what can be a must-buy deal that you can show to your customers during the d-day. The better the deal the larger the volume that you’ll get. This will also help you create a base of loyal customers that will remember you as a seller and will come back during the year to browse your online shop and shop again.

"The better the deal the larger the volume that you’ll get" Daniel Vanegas ex-VP of Product Operations Lazada

2. Stocks & SKU

The second most important point goes to stocking up and managing SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) selection. SKU is used to track inventories your business owns. They are very helpful to maintain a profitable retail business.

Organized SKU management to track inventories

Once you have locked down the deals you want to submit for the 11.11 mega campaign, make sure you stock up. The last that you want is to see how your SKUs run out of stock in the middle of the day and lose a “double the sales opportunity”. Stock up 10-20x volumes from normal day to avoid running OOS (Out of Supply). Prepare wise assortment (10-30 SKU) in the shop.

In our previous blog, we have mentioned 3 reasons why you should invest and stock-up more in these campaigns.

3. Marketing

Last but not least, traffic planning. Plan everything on how will customers arrive to see your deals. If you have very competitive deals you will be eligible to be featured on the main campaign pages. Additionally (and most importantly) drive your own traffic with your online marketing channels (Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc). Run paid marketing campaigns.

"Provide 5 pictures on each listed item. Having good reviews of products is proven to increase the chances of getting items sold" - Andrea Baronchelli
Have good reviews on your products: 11.11 singles day sale

Things to look out for during 11.11?

Go for the width of assortment within your store because customers want to see a wide selection of product range.

"Planning should be done 3 months in advance." - Andrea Baronchelli

Moreover, understand who your customers are and where do they spend their browsing time. Is it on Facebook, Instagram, Google? Or is it elsewhere? Drive your marketing in the relevant platforms and bring traffic to your online shop.

Final tips on how to prepare for 11.11?

"Focus on 3 things: Pricing, Stock and Content" - Andrea Baronchelli

Pricing → Shall be < 10% discount than normal day.Stock → 10 - 20x than normal day stockContent → 5 pictures per item

"Always try to be innovative." - Daniel Vanegas

Do you really have a presence in the hottest trending channels? For example, online sellers that started advertising via live streaming saw a significant uplift in sales.


Now that it's 2 months away towards the big day, it's not too late to stock up, manage SKU selection and start strategizing your marketing plans for your shop.

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