How Talent Startup NodeFlair Scaled Its Operations Using Aspire’s Expense Management Tools

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Zachary Pestana
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December 19, 2023

The digitisation of the recruitment industry has never been more relevant since the covid-19 pandemic. The increased demand for jobs has led to the industry’s rapid growth with numerous new entrants. But there is one startup that continues to stand out in the fragmented market.

NodeFlair is a Singapore-based tech career platform that empowers tech talents to make smarter career decisions by helping them explore, research, and secure their next job opportunity. From starting as a tech talent marketplace that connects tech professionals with prospective companies, they have grown to become an entire tech career SuperApp, offering multiple products in a short span of three years. But at its core, its products are still centred around empowering people to code at where they love.

NodeFlair chose to use Aspire to manage their business finances because

it is a very well built and modern product that caters to business needs. It is much faster and more intuitive when compared to traditional banking services. — Adrian Goh, Co-founder of NodeFlair

We take a look at how they scaled their operations through Aspire’s Expense Management feature.

Empowering employees and efficient spending in the company

“Aspire will benefit companies that trust their employees and want to give them limited control over the company’s expenditure.”

Like most modern companies, NodeFlair wants to enable their employees to make smart decisions and perform to the best of their abilities; that includes how to spend company finances. From transportation costs, lunch meeting expenses, to the marketing team’s up-work fees, such startups need digital solutions that give them control and real-time visibility over their employees’ spending, without having to micromanage every transaction.

Aspire enables NodeFlair to issue virtual corporate cards to their team members with ease. From setting card limits to cancelling a card when needed, this presents a host of benefits not just for business owners, but their employees as well. Employees can spend at their discretion within the allocated budget without seeking additional approval, and say goodbye to sharing company cards and OTPs that expire within minutes.

“It’s really fuss-free and I won’t have to worry about any misuse of the card.”

An easy way to manage subscriptions

A common issue many companies go through today is handling countless online subscription payments each month, which includes everything from design software, collaboration tools, and even CRM systems—the list goes on. These payments are made by different teams and departments with varying budgets, and keeping track of all these transactions is a significant struggle.

According to NodeFlair Co-Founder, Adrian Goh, their startup doesn’t have the same problem.

“With each new type of subscription expense, I can allocate a new card. It helps me to see which payments are tagged to which cards more clearly and efficiently.”

Aspire allows admin users to issue multiple cards to teams at no additional cost, giving customers the ability to set up dedicated cards for specific subscriptions, instead of having one card for multiple transactions. In this way, it’s easy to track who has been using which cards and what they’ve been used for.

Removing manual paperwork to save the company time

“As a founder, I want to focus on empowering the team to achieve more and build products that users love. With Aspire, I won’t be tied down by “paperwork” issues and fighting the poor user experience of traditional products!”

Thanks to Aspire’s modern user experience and integration capabilities, NodeFlair can manage their accounting activities and connect their online accounting software to Aspire effortlessly. On top of redefining the business finance experience for companies, we have partnered with various business tech partners to connect you with the services you already use.

“Also, a lot of processes are easier and more streamlined through digitalisation—most needs can be done in just a few clicks (not exaggerating here!)”

As if business expense management couldn’t get any simpler, the Aspire expense management platform allows NodeFlair to upload transaction receipts via the Aspire mobile app, significantly reducing the time needed for manual receipt uploads and even finding lost receipts. Say goodbye to manual paper expensing for good!

Introducing corporate cards, for teams

For Adrian and his team, companies like theirs, with tons of digital transactions and subscriptions need modern solutions to meet their business needs. That’s where Aspire comes in.

Issuing corporate cards to trusted team members gives them a certain level of control over the expenditure, which streamlines the process for your budget management and empowers your employees at the same time. All in all, this can do wonders for managing company spend and gives you more time to focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

Get it free today!

Expense management for businesses should have always been this simple. When you open a Business Account with us today, you can enjoy features just like this and more. All it takes is five minutes.

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