How Faire Leather Optimised Their Marketing Budget To Save With Aspire

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Zachary Pestana
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March 12, 2024

Functional luxury at a fair price.

Founded in Singapore, Faire Leather Co. aims to be Singapore’s #1 source for leather goods that redefines true value for men with functional solutions in classic designs that are effortlessly stylish.

Faire Leather Co. taps traditional know-how from decades of heritage and experience with real-time feedback and data to create stylish products designed for maximum function.

“Since day one, we recognize the importance of innovative technology in the Singapore retail landscape. Faire Leather Co. brings every Singapore’s gentlemen’s need to life: leather goods with a polished exterior and an effortless organization.” - Joseph Lor, CEO of Faire Leather Co.

A Functional Offer for Modern Businesses

Facebook Ads has been Faire’s go-to online advertising channel. Joseph admitted that Aspire’s 1% cashback on digital marketing spend was what first convinced him to try the account, “We have not found a promotion like this with other banks. A promotion that actually matters for modern businesses especially during this time of uncertainty.”

It’s a Fair Rate for Faire

On top of the cashback, Joseph mentioned that they enjoy Aspire’s low FX rate compared to other banks, “We have saved quite a significant amount on supply purchases from overseas, thanks to Aspire’s competitive FX rate”.

Polished Tools for Productivity On-The-Go

Not to mention, the account is built with real-time notifications so Joseph and his team can keep track of spending and stay on top of their accounts. “We love that everything is synced to Xero so our accounting is a breeze. I would recommend the app to any e-commerce business,” he added.

Check out Faire Leather’s collection for modern gents on their website.

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