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June 6, 2024

Opening a business account in Singapore is often the first step to cultivating financial discipline. Ensuring the safety and confidence of suppliers and customers when engaging with a business is paramount. Making transactions through a dedicated business account can immediately instill a sense of trust and security.

Most financial institutions require a business bank account in Singapore as a prerequisite for availing loans for initial capital or scaling up businesses, underscoring the importance of maintaining distinct financial channels for business operations.

However, if a business deals with multiple USD transactions, opening a local business account may not be enough, opening a USD account in Singapore would be a better idea. One of the significant advantages of opening a USD current account is the ability to take benefit of favorable currency exchange rates in Singapore and retain funds until needed.

By holding funds in USD, businesses having a global footprint can optimize conversions and avail of lower conversion rate, while domestic USD transfers can be completely free. This flexibility grants greater control over spending in USD currency, making transactions and financial management more efficient and cost-effective.

In this article, we will cover some of the best USD accounts available in Singapore and how you can choose the best one for your business.

Top providers of USD accounts in Singapore

1.DBS Bank

DBS USD corporate accounts in Singapore offer features like seamless digital onboarding, advanced cash management solutions, real-time liquidity management tools, comprehensive trade finance services, and access to a global banking network. Also, DBS provides innovative digital platforms, integrated payment solutions, personalized relationship management, and expertise in sustainable finance.

2.United Overseas Bank (UOB)

UOB's USD account for businesses in Singapore provides unique features, including comprehensive cash management solutions, customized trade finance options, preferential forex rates, and an expansive global network for international business transactions. UOB also offers specialized industry expertise, dedicated customer relationship management, smooth digital banking platforms, and innovative financial tools to support businesses in optimizing their USD operations and expanding their global presence.

3.Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)

OCBC offers benefits like seamless integration with digital platforms, robust online banking capabilities, multi-currency cash management tools, competitive forex rates, and designated relationship managers with their USD corporate accounts in Singapore. OCBC provides tailored trade financing solutions, swift payment services, and access to the international network, ensuring businesses have comprehensive support for their USD transactions and global business needs.

4.Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered's USD business accounts in Singapore provide features including global reach and expertise, extensive trade finance solutions, personalized relationship managers, cheaper forex rates, and sophisticated digital banking platforms. With a strong focus on sustainability, Standard Chartered also provides ESG financing options and innovative sustainable finance solutions, making it an attractive choice for businesses committed to environmental and social responsibility.


Citibank's USD business accounts in Singapore provide attractive features like global presence, extensive trade finance solutions, advanced cash management tools, tailored risk management solutions, and dedicated customer support services. This bank also provides innovative digital platforms, integrated treasury solutions, and access to a wide range of financial services, making it a trusted choice for businesses seeking comprehensive USD corporate banking services.


Wise is a leading global financial technology company, offering USD business accounts in Singapore. They offer low-cost international transfers, real-time currency exchange at mid-market rates, transparent fee structure, Integrated API for integration, and risk management tools. 


Aspire is a fintech company offering distinguished USD corporate account services in Singapore. Its best features include:

  • Radically low fees for international transfers, up to 3x cheaper than banks
  • Ability to transact in 30+ currencies
  • Free local transfers in SGD, USD & IDR
  • Transparent FX rates with no hidden charges
  • Fast and easy online account opening
  • Seamless integration with digital platforms
  • Real-time expense tracking
  • Multi-currency corporate cards
  • Instant credit approvals
  • Automated accounting integration

Aspire's user-friendly interface and flexible banking solutions make it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking for hassle-free USD corporate banking services.

Factors to consider when choosing a USD account in Singapore

To open the best USD account in Singapore, many factors must be considered. However, one can start with the below-mentioned considerations.

1.Currency conversion rates

The principle is straightforward – minimizing the cost of converting USD to SGD or other foreign currencies ultimately benefits a business financially. It becomes essential to assess the complete cost of an international transfer before initiating it. Understanding the comprehensive expenses associated with money transfers enables rational decisions and selecting the most cost-effective method.

Consider selecting a service provider offering exchange rates closer to the mid-market rate and transparent pricing to optimize currency conversion. A business can secure the most favorable terms and minimize unnecessary expenses when conducting international transfers by diligently seeking the best possible exchange rate and carefully examining the associated charges.

2.Fees/charges involved

Compare the USD account-related fees and charges associated with each financial institution. Check monthly maintenance fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, currency exchange fees, and minimum balance requirements. Selecting an account that offers competitive pricing and aligns with your business' projected financial operations is crucial.

3.Other charges

USD accounts can be advantageous for businesses conducting transactions in US Dollars. However, businesses should be aware of potential hidden charges that may arise. The two most common costs associated with USD accounts are mentioned below, but there can be a lot many, which can vary across service providers.

1.Account Maintenance Fees

Some service providers impose maintenance fees for USD accounts, which can be a monthly or an annual charge covering the costs of account management and services provided. Ask about any maintenance fees associated with the USD account to evaluate its impact on your finances.

2.Minimum Balance Requirements

Many financial institutions require a minimum balance in your USD account. Failing to meet this requirement can result in additional charges or penalties. Learn the policies around minimum balance and its implications for your USD account. Consider comparing their offerings to find the ideal fee structure that aligns with your business requirements.

4.Account opening requirements

Consider the requirements for opening a USD business account in Singapore with each financial institution or provider. Some may have specific eligibility criteria, like a minimum turnover, company size, or industry focus. Ensure you meet the service provider's requirements before proceeding with the account application to avoid rejection.

5.Assess account features

Evaluate the features offered by various financial institutions. Look for features like digital banking, access through mobile applications, multi-currency support, foreign exchange services, competitive exchange rates etc. Consider which features are most important for your specific business needs.

6.Account accessibility

Assess the service provider's accessibility, both in terms of physical branches and digital banking capabilities. If you prefer in-person banking services, choose an institution with a convenient branch network. Alternatively, if you prioritize online banking, ensure that the service provider offers robust digital platforms.

7.Customer support & Relationship manager

Consider the availability and accessibility of customer support channels such as phone, email, chatbot, or live chat to report an issue. Assess the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support team in addressing inquiries, providing guidance, and resolving any problems that may impact your USD account or transactions.

Evaluate the level of customer support and service offered by the service providers. Having a designated relationship manager can be beneficial, as they can assure personalized assistance, guidance, and support for your business banking needs in a minimum turnaround time.

Choose a provider that offers reliable and responsive customer support to have peace of mind knowing that any issues or concerns regarding the USD current account will be efficiently addressed. This way, one can focus on their business's financial management with little disruptions.

8.Reliability of the institution

Research and identify trusted and reputable financial institutions in Singapore that offer USD or multi-currency corporate accounts. Look for providers with a strong track record, good customer reviews, and comprehensive financial services.

9.Testimonials and recommendations

Seek out client reviews and recommendations, including businesses and professionals having experience with USD corporate accounts in Singapore. They can provide valuable information regarding the quality of service and help you make a more informed decision.

10.Additional financial services

If your business has specific financial needs beyond a multi-currency account, like expense management, receivable management, payable management, accounting integrations and much more, consider whether the institution offers those services. Having a comprehensive suite of financial services can be advantageous for your business.

Selecting a perfect fit USD account in Singapore for your business might take time and effort. However, once you spot the right payment service provider, the rest will quickly fall into place.

If you are wondering how to open USD account, know that most service providers offer online services to help companies get started with their business accounts in Singapore and begin transactions in just a few minutes.


An efficient USD business account enables efficient global financial transactions, helps take advantage of lower currency exchange rates in Singapore, streamlines international payments, facilitates trade financing, and makes significant cost savings through competitive charges are reasons enough for businesses to consider having one.

Aspire's USD account for businesses allows managing company spending, payables, and receivables all in one place within a couple of minutes online. Being one of the best bank accounts for small businesses in Singapore, Aspire offers robust reporting tools to enhance financial operations and compliance enabling new-age companies to tap into growth opportunities in an ever-changing business landscape better than ever before.

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