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December 19, 2023

Depending on the business account you choose to open, you’ll also have a corporate credit or debit card. The best corporate credit cards in Singapore help business owners such as yourself earn while you spend.

Choosing the best card for your business will help you do do three things:

  • Save cost
  • Save time
  • Earn business perks

When choosing a corporate credit card for your business, you’ll want to watch out for annual fees, cashback, and other benefits it provides. We’ve compiled four of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore to help you make your decision.

5 Best Corporate Credit Card in Singapore [Last updated May 2021]

1. DBS Visa Platinum Business Card (Corporate Credit Card)

DBS Visa Platinum Business Card Best Corporate Credit Card in Singapore 2020

Cashback lovers, this is for you. The DBS Corporate Card is one of the best business cards for cashback in Singapore. Standing at 0.4%, this card is a great choice for small businesses looking to boost their earnings.

Cardholders will also earn 1 DBS point for every $5 charged to the card, which can be exchanged for partner rewards. Apart from that, you’ll also have access to complimentary travel accident insurance, and annual coverage of employee misuse.

Although the DBS Corporate Card does have an annual fee of S$192.60, it remains one of the most popular business cashback cards because of its stellar benefits.

Highlights of DBS Visa Platinum Business Card:

  • 0.4% cashback on general spend
  • Earn 1 DBS point for every S$5 charged. More info here.
  • Earn rewards for recurring bill payments
  • Complimentary travel accident insurance, up to S$1mil per cardholder
  • Annual Fee: S$192.60, 1-year waiver

2. Maybank Business Platinum Mastercard (Corporate Credit Card)

Maybank Business Platinum

This card ranks in the list of best corporate credit cards in Singapore because of its unique benefits.

Similar to the DBS Platinum Business Card, cardholders of the Maybank Business Platinum card will get to enjoy free travel insurance. On top of that, you’ll also gain access to exclusive lounges and global concierge services.

For every dollar spent with the Maybank Business Platinum Card, you’ll earn 1 TREATS points which can be exchanged for cash credits, air miles, and dining discounts. This is effectively equivalent to a 0.4% cashback. Other perks also include flexible credit limits and extended interest-free crediting.

Applicants will also enjoy a 2-year waiver on pesky annual fees, which means you can focus on growing your business.

Highlights of Maybank Business Platinum Mastercard:

  • Earn TREATS Points for every dollar spent, redeem air miles, vouchers ,cash credits and more. More info here.
  • Enjoy up to 51 days of interest-free credit on purchases
  • Flexible credit limits based on company’s profitability
  • Complimentary travel accident insurance, up to S$1mil for cardholder and family
  • Annual Fee: S$180, 2-year waiver

3. UOB Platinum Business Card (Corporate Credit Card)

UOB Platinum Business Card

Coming in with a 0.3% cash rebate on your card transactions, the UOB Business Platinum Card is one of the top corporate credit card picks amongst small to medium business owners in singapore.

Enjoy savings with the Mastercard Easy Savings programme, which provides rebates on business services with merchants like Apple and Microsoft.

But the most unique part of being a UOB Business Platinum cardholder has to be the access to UOB’s Commercial Privileges Programme. On top of the cashback, cardholders can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts from a host of suppliers—perfect for businesses that rely heavily on vendor partnerships.

These include deals for tech equipment, working space, and even pantry essentials—all of which are unique to UOB corporate credit cards. For an up and coming business, discounts on these office essentials are a great way to save on initial costs!

Highlights of UOB Platinum Business Card :

  • 0.3% cash rebate or UNI$1 for every S$5 charged on monthly purchases.
  • Enjoy more cash rebates with Mastercard Easy Savings on your business expenses from participating merchants. More details here.
  • UOB SMART$ Rebate & UOB Dining Privileges & UOB Commercial Privileges Programme
  • Complimentary travel accident insurance, up to S$1mil for cardholder
  • Annual Fee: S$180

4. Citibank Corporate Card (Corporate Credit Card)

The Citi Bank Corporate Card makes it onto our list because of its affordable annual fee, and stellar benefits.

With the Citi Corporate Card, you can earn up to 0.3% on any business spend. This allows you to accumulate ThankYou Points which can be exchanged for vouchers or cash rebates. ThankYou Points can also be redeemed for flight miles—great news if you’re a frequent flyer.

Similar to other corporate credit cards on this list, Citi Cardholders will also enjoy free travel insurance coverage of up to S$1mil per person.

Highlights of Citibank Corporate Card:

  • Earn up to 0.3% cashback on annual spending with the Citi Corporate Card. Every S$1 spent earns you one Citi ThankYou Point.
  • ThankYou Points can also be exchanged for flight miles, at a rate of 5 Citi ThankYou Points to 2 Frequent Flyer Miles.
  • Complimentary travel accident insurance coverage of up to S$1,000,000 per cardmember.
  • Annual fee: S$150 (not including GST)

5. Aspire Corporate Card (Corporate Debit Card)

Aspire Corporate Card

With its highly competitive foreign transaction fees, and enticing cashback of 1% on digital spend, the Aspire Corporate Card is the best corporate card for digitally savvy companies looking to grow their reach.

If your company is big on tech and has a strong emphasis on marketing and advertising, the Aspire Corporate Card might be the card for you. This debit card offers up to 1% cashback on online marketing and SaaS spend. Which means you can earn cashback while running ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Other than these platforms, Aspire also has a comprehensive list of qualified merchants that are eligible for the 1% cashback. It also offers a low foreign transaction fee at 0.7%, making foreign deals and transactions a breeze.

Being an entirely virtual card also whittles the possibility of losing your card to zero. The Aspire Corporate Card also has no annual fees or minimum deposit, which means you won’t have to worry about extra costs.

Highlights of Aspire Corporate Card:

  • Up to 1% cashback on selected online marketing & SaaS transactions.
  • Qualified online marketing & software merchants such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn advertising, Slack, Hubspot, MailChimp and more!
  • 0.40% foreign currency transaction fee. Lowest FX rates.
  • Annual Fee: No annual fees. This is a debit card.

Only the best for your corporate credit card

Before choosing the best corporate credit card for your business, it’s important to analyse your business needs. The most suitable card for your business can help to not only save costs, but also make daily business processes fuss-free.

If you’re also looking to open a business account, check out our comparison of the best business accounts in Singapore here.

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