Benefits of Paying With a Virtual vs Physical Card in Singapore

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Marissa Saini
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December 19, 2023

Virtual card platforms like ApplePay and GooglePay are gaining traction as Singapore barrels towards a cashless future. These virtual wallet applications are part of the ongoing e-payment movement, bringing convenience into your daily spending routines.

More and more stores and dining options in Singapore allow for cashless payments. Online e-commerce platforms are also boarding the hypetrain, integrating virtual card options into their payment methods.

We know, loading up your e-wallets with a virtual card can seem daunting at first. Common concerns include wondering whether it’s safe to use your virtual card in Singapore to pay for online and offline purchases.

That’s why we’re here to take you through the best features of using a virtual card in Singapore.

4 Benefits of Paying with a Virtual Card in Singapore

benefits of making payments with a virtual card

1. You’ll never lose it

Picture this: There are five people in the line behind you. You’ve finally found your wallet after a minute of digging through your bag. You reach for your credit card, but it’s gone! You probably dropped it along the way.

Now you’ll have to go through the hassle of cancelling your card and looking through transaction histories to figure out if anyone has been using it.

You’ll never have to worry about losing a virtual card. Simply load your card details into your e-wallet app, and leave the physical card at home. Payments are way easier with a virtual card in Singapore, just a quick scan and go!

2. You’ll never forget it

Have you ever said you’ll get the bill, but realise that you’ve left your wallet at home? We’ve all been there. Say goodbye to awkward situations with a virtual card!

It’s no secret that we’re perpetually glued to our phones. Virtual card options in Singapore allow you to enter your physical card details into e-payment apps on your smartphones, which means you’ll never be stuck in a sticky situation like the one above.

3. Make quicker payments

Using a physical card comes with liabilities like re-entering your credit card information, forgetting your pin number, or not having the card on hand. Why deal with the hassle when you could simplify your payment process?

Save time on personal and business transactions with virtual card payments in Singapore. It takes less than three seconds to make a purchase using a virtual card. All it takes is a password or a scan of your thumb.

4. It’s way more secure

Now you might be wondering: are virtual cards more secure than physical cards? Definitely! Using a virtual card in Singapore is a more secure mode of payment for both online and offline purchases.

We usually swipe or tap our credit and debit cards when making cashless payments in person. This means that anyone who gets their hands on our physical card could use it to make fraudulent payments. On the flipside, a password or biometric identification is usually needed when we pay with a virtual card in Singapore. This makes it harder for our credit card information to be stolen or misused.

Similarly, using a virtual card for online purchases is generally safer. Using a virtual card reduces the number of times your credit or debit card information is shared with the platforms you buy from. This lowers the chances of identity theft from hackers.

Virtual cards are the way to go

Once you go virtual, you’ll never go back. Just like you’ve boarded the cashless payment train, it’s time to join the virtual card trend.

Joining the fray of virtual cards in Singapore is the Aspire Corporate Card. This fully virtual corporate card is the digital solution to streamlining your business transactions.

Secure, convenient, and faster payments. What’s holding you back?

Great news, Aspire Card is now available on Google Pay

Aspire card now on Google Pay

Targeted at modern entrepreneurs, Aspire brings the fastest and simplest business banking experience to SMEs. Aspire customers to have an additional option of completing their payments via Google Pay on Visa-accepted terminals. With its virtual corporate cards being made available on Google Pay, business owners can now go green and pay on POS devices, and online, without the need for a physical card.

Visa’s and Google Pay’s NFC feature provides Aspire customers with a seamless and convenient payment process with maximum security. Businesses can confirm and complete in-store and online purchase without having to enter their payment information again, which enables faster checkout.

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